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Welcome to R&S Digital Services, a full service GIS mapping company. We specialize in the development of GIS solutions for cadastral and land use mapping.

Historically, the numerous documents which comprised geographic information were produced and administered using manual methods such as hand drawn parcel maps. This information was distributed to and maintained by various organizations including the county tax assessors office, recorders office, engineers office, and planning department. Today, with the emergence of automated Geographic Information Systems, many have benefited from the advantages of maintaining dynamic geographic data using personal computer systems. GIS technology makes it possible to centralize the broad range of existing geographic information into streamlined datasets while providing enterprise wide access and support.

  Numerous source documents, such as the
sample subdivision map above, are analyzed to produce
essential distance and bearing data for each parcel.

For the first time in history, GIS technology is enabling users in both public and private sectors to quickly locate the information they need by analyzing one or more multi-layered datasets. Geographic Information Systems expedite decision making in any venture where a complete picture of the earth's features and their relationship is essential. For instance GIS technology enables you to relate spatial data consisting of planametric or topographic features with tabular data for analysis. This makes it possible for example, to relate population density to land ownership while taking additional factors such as commercial usage into account.

Since 1987, R&S Digital Services has designed and implemented Geographic Information Systems for a growing national client base. We are one of a handful of companies that pioneered GIS mapping on a PC computer at a time when most said it was "impossible". Our focus from day one has always been GIS conversion services. Our long-standing commitment to GIS has enabled us to participate in its genesis as well as its constant evolution. Since the inception of GIS, R&S has grown to include a nucleus of corporate project managers which collectively provide over 50 years GIS experience.


We are a full service GIS mapping company with experience in applications including cadastral mapping, 911 mapping, soils mapping, and mining applications along with a broad range of resource mapping types. We have considerable project experience converting 1,000,000's of parcels while maintaining strict attention to providing only the highest quality data. Our diverse client base has provided us project experience extending from simple conversions to extremely complex GIS integration. From our corporate headquarters in Great Bend, Kansas and our regional offices in Loveland, Colorado and Topeka, Kansas we provide everything required to plan, construct, and maintain your GIS.


R&S Digital Services is uniquely qualified to provide GIS solutions. We have built a variety of custom user interfaces for city, county, and private sector organizations nationwide. Our GIS related products integrate data from an array of sources including: deed research, land records, land surveys, aerial photography, and satellite imagery. R&S has become a leading software developer for appraisal applications. Included within R&S Digital's current software products is a program which constructs agricultural use values from published soil conservation data. We work closely with each client to create accurate and affordable solutions.
  Each digital parcel map is created using COGO entry which
is consistent with source documentation. Parcels are then verified,
rotated into position, and checked for any possible overlap or non-closure.


R&S Digital's diverse staff includes individuals from planning, surveying, computer science, engineering, data processing, geographers and drafting specialties. Our production equipment is equally diverse and includes a mix of workstations and personal computer systems utilizing operating systems from UNIX to Windows NT; with connectivity to distributed mainframe systems.

us today and put us to work on your next GIS project.

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