R&S Digital Services Inc



It all started when...

R&S was established during a mass reappraisal of all real estate properties by the Kansas Dept. of Revenue in 1986. R&S was the first fully digital mapping company in the the state of Kansas, at a time when GIS was in its infancy stage. This was an exciting time for R&S. Most of the routines required to provide GIS conversion services were not in existence within the core GIS products at the time. Consequently, R&S had to develop internal routines to facilitate basic functions now found in most core GIS products today.

As a pioneer in GIS the industry, R&S has kept pace with all the enhancements to GIS software and hardware and has implemented these technologies throughout our history. We have continually broadened our service base to keep pace with ever growing demands of our clients. Our initial impetus as a company was centered around cadastral mapping and currently we have mapped over 4 million parcels nationwide. Additionally, we have provided over 100 complete 911 data sets to a variety of PSAP's across the country. Our attention to detail and our commitment to customers satisfaction sets us apart from most of our competitors. 

Realizing the need for Web-based GIS solutions, R&S has been providing these services, primarily as a maintenance solution for our clients. Evolving from ArcIms to ArcServer we have continually kept pace with this rapid developing technology. Currently all of our online sites are developed within the HTML5 environment which provides greater flexibility in the development of custom applications for our clients.

If you are looking for full scale conversion services, remediation of you data sets or implementation of your data into a web-based solution, you can be confident that R&S will provide the most comprehensive array of services to accommodate an accurate, affordable, and timely solution.